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Why Rent?

We think renting is not only the optimal experience but also the more economical experience. Why rent?

There are several good reasons:
  • Greater privacy
  • More space for your group - both inside and outside
  • You can cook your own meals (big win for families)
  • It is a more personal experience
  • It is more fun
  • You get your own private beach
  • The lake is at your doorstep
  • You are away from traffic and noise
  • You do not need to spend your time visiting around the hotel beds
  • You don't feel compelled to leave your accommodations every day
  • Most obvious....IT SAVES YOU MONEY!
Economical? Absolutely! Even ignoring all these extras, renting is a big win.

Go price a hotel room in Traverse City with two rooms for a family of four; one hotel would be $2,452 for just one week (quoted to me over the phone for the 2nd week in July)! The hotel room would not compare to your accommodations, and it is not even near the water.

We are Creating Family Memories

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